Private Roads

Jordan Pasture roads are private making this a private subdivision. Only owners, guests, and invitees will be allowed on the road. No thru traffic, no heavy-duty truck traffic will be allowed on the roads.  The residents and HOA could decide to allow cul-de-sac's to be gated or to gate entire subdivision.

Convenants Section 5.2.  A. Common Roads. All interior roads (including White Eagle Drive to Crazy Horse Drive) shall be private roads for the exclusive use and benefit of the Tract Owners of Jordan Pasture, their licensees, fire protection, emergency response vehicles, school busses, postal service vehicles, and private service invitees. In addition, the owner(s) of Jordan Pasture tracts shall retain the right to use common roads subject to the conditions set forth below.
There shall be an easement across the roads for general underground utility installation, use, and maintenance. There is a perpetual, non-exclusive, eighty foot (80’) wide private road right of way and easement and ten (10), one hundred foot (100’) in radius cul-de-sacs easements in, over, across, under and through the property as shown on the Jordan Pasture final plat and as described in the survey description of easements and recorded easements. The road construction within the easement is private to the ownership of the Jordan Pasture Tract Owner(s), members of the Association and the Association. For the purposes of Section 6.1 herein, all roads within the subdivision shall be considered Common Elements and will be maintained by the Jordan Pasture Homeowner’s Association with assessments being paid by the owners of the Tracts within Jordan Pasture. The roadways shall be constructed and maintained to Laramie County approved standards in effect at time of construction, and will not be maintained by Laramie County or the State of Wyoming.
 White Eagle Drive is a common private road for the benefit of the Subdivision that runs along a portion of S1/2 of Section 22, Township 15 North, Range 66 West, 6th P.M., Laramie County of Wyoming. The Association shall be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of this portion of the road. The Owner of this portion of land that serves White Eagle Drive shall not be obligated or responsible for assessments in association with the maintenance or upkeep and shall have free use of this portion of White Eagle Drive.
 Jordan Ranch Tracts are situated north of the Jordan Pasture Subdivision (Tracts 8, 9, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, and 23, Jordan Ranch Record of Survey, Laramie County, Wyoming, as recorded on 6/26/2008, Book 2065, Page 676, Reception No. 502783). Jordan Ranch, llc is the current owner of the Jordan Ranch Tracts. So long as Jordan Ranch, llc owns the Jordan Ranch Tracts, Jordan Ranch, llc shall have full and unfettered use of the Subdivision’s private common roads and shall not be responsible for any assessments associated therewith. If Jordan Ranch, llc sells, transfers or conveys any portion, subdivided tract, or all of the Jordan Ranch Tracts to a non-affiliated third party, that third party must pay assessments (per undivided Ownership interest) as any member of the association for that ownership interest’s use of the Subdivision’s roads.


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