Undergound Water Cistern

Jordan Pastures cistern is protected by Laramie County District Firehouse No. 2, who's new firehouse located only 4 miles/ 5 minutes from our location. Additionally, Jordan Pasture has provided a 30,000 gallon cistern on tract 38 for additional emergency water storage. 

Convenants Section 5.2. D. Water Cistern. Tract 38 has a buried water cistern for the use by the Laramie County Fire Department No. 2. As such, the Fire Department has an easement for said cistern and shall have unfettered and unobstructed access to the water cistern at all times. It is the duty of the Association to coordinate with the Fire Department for any and all needs it may have in relation to the Fire Department’s access, upkeep, up-grades, and maintenance thereof.


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