Encourages an  Western Lifestyle with Riding Trails

Jordan Pasture encourages an equestrian lifestyle by providing trail easements, allowing barns and indoor riding facilities.

Convenants Section 8.26 Livestock animals shall be restricted to horses, donkeys, llamas, calves or heifers, or other animals typically raised by children as projects for 4-H or Future Farmers of America or other similar organizations, such farm and other ranch type animals may be approved by the Committee.

Convenants Section 5.2. B. Utility and Trail Easements and Common Elements. An additional ten foot (10’) Utility Easement and Trail Easement on each side of the common roadway right of way easement described in Section 5.2, Paragraph A, established for the purpose of installing underground utilities and for the purpose of non-motorized pedestrian and equestrian ingress, egress, and related uses. Common Elements shall include all the Trail right of way and road right of way and may be used for ingress and egress for the enjoyment of all Tracts Owners. The Association is under no obligation or responsibility to maintain any Common Element for the use as a trail. Underground electrical, natural gas and communication utility lines have been installed in utility easements. Connections from the tracts or home sites within the property to the utility lines shall be completed at the expense of the owner of that Tract and shall be underground bury installation.  

Convenants Section 8.4. B. Up to three (3) Outbuildings may be constructed on each Tract within the Building Envelope. No construction of any outbuilding shall occur prior to the construction of the primary dwelling. All exterior sides and roofs of such out buildings or accessory structures shall match the color and accents of the primary dwelling on the same Tract. Subject to the review and approval by the Committee as described in Section 8.2, gazebos may be constructed outside the Building Envelope where appropriate. Outbuildings, Barns, and Accessory Structures, or buildings defined below shall conditionally be allowed to be constructed only after the Principal or Primary Dwelling has been established on the Tract and after obtaining approval from the Association.   
1. One (1) Detached Garage or “Party Barn,” limited to three thousand (3,000) square feet in size, may be constructed that may include a “mother-in-law” suite; and,
2. One (1) Barn, Stable, or Accessory Building used for the purpose of equestrians or agricultural pursuits may be constructed not to exceed eight thousand (8,000) square feet; and,
3. One (1) work or storage shed not exceeding one thousand (1000) square feet in size or one (1) three-sided horse or animal shelter. Three-sided shelters shall not be used for storage. Both the work shed or the shelter must compliment the coloring and style of the rest of the outbuildings.
4. Should an Indoor Riding Facility be included in a Barn, the minimum square footage for that Outbuilding may be expanded but may not exceed twelve thousand (12,000) square feet.


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