Jordan Pasture limits the type of lights that are allowed to limit light pollution. Light pollution ruins our view of the stars by washing out the sky so stars are harder to see. Economically, light pollution wastes energy, as it comes from light that spills into the sky rather than illuminating roads or yards. Excessive lighting at night makes it easier for criminals to see what they're doing and for the public not to notice them. It's potentially dangerous to the health of humans and other species. Humans rely on darkness to produce melatonin, a chemical that helps us sleep more deeply and fight cancer.

 Convenants Section 8.20. Light and Sound. No sound, odor or light shall be emitted from any Tract or Structure which is noxious, obnoxious, or offensive to others. It is the intent of these Covenants to protect the enjoyment of the Wyoming night sky. “Dark Sky” designed lighting is mandatory. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all exterior lighting shall be designed to prevent lighting nuisance to other lands within the Subdivision or to nearby properties, and all exterior lighting shall be directed downward and shall be shielded from direct view from adjacent properties. Exterior lighting should have motion activated capabilities. Street lighting shall not be permitted with the exception of low landscape lighting used for a private drive and potential entrance gates. Further and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no speakers, horns, whistles, radios, bells or other sound devices, other than sound security devices used exclusively for security purposes, shall be located or used upon any Tract except with the prior approval of the Committee. Special events, i.e. weddings, etc, require notification to neighboring Tract Owners and should be done during reasonable hours.


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