Covenants protect your investment; these are not to over restrict you.
Together we are creating a neighborhood that improves over time.

1.1.2. Intent. Jordan Pasture is a special place. Its rolling hills and open views perfectly situated away from the noise and lights of Cheyenne makes it truly an ideal place for country living. These Covenants are meant to insure that the natural attributes of Jordan Pasture be preserved for all of its residents to appreciate and enjoy. This Declaration of Protective Covenants is made and declared for the creation of a low density rural residential subdivision of exceptional quality and desirability that incorporates and is compatible with ranching and other agricultural activities and lifestyles, wildlife preservation, preservation and protection of grasslands, preservation of the environment and the natural beauty of the Property to the greatest extent possible, in addition to the promotion of the health, welfare, benefit, and enjoyment of the Tract Owners.  

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